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Many people leave settings such as screen resolution to the computers default settings. If you don't seem to get the full page width on your screen visit Viewing Information Possibly most of the people who visit this site have never even heard of the Isle of Sheppey, let alone have any interest in the place. However, like most places, it does not sit in splendid isolation from the rest of the world, and so I have tried to concentrate on items that have connections over a much wider area than just S.E. England. Every so often something has happened that has caught the attention of the national press and occasionally the world press and so I hope that, as you browse around this site, something catches your attention.

As you look around, you may get the feeling that you are wandering around a building site with links not working or pages not existing. I've set this site up so that I can add bits as I go along, and so, in a way it will never be finished. If you come back again later you should find more to see.

If you like what you see on this site, perhaps I could build yours for you or if you find any problems with this site, especially with a different browser,
please let me know

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