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Richard Hunter

Figurehead Historian
ship on shore the moment I am researching in to the subject of International Ships Figureheads, both Naval and Merchant ...

The other day I bought for my research files the enclosed post-card, showing the Ship-on-Shore at Sheerness with a figurehead on the top, I have seen a second card showing the building from a different view point, showing that it also had a second figurehead round the other side, do you know of the building and it's history, I would imagine that it has long gone, and that both the building and figureheads are now history, looking at the card I cannot make out the name or business on the sign board, apart from the words "& Sons, I would very much welcome any information that you may have on the "SHIP-ON-SHORE" as I am sure it must have a fascinating local history.

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I found the email on the right intriguing so worth a page. Contributors welcome.

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