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Extracts From the Domesday Book

Liber de Wintona
(Book of Winchester)

A Survey of the Counties of England


Compiled by direction of


General editor JOHN MORRIS

edited by Philip Morgan
from a draft translation prepared by
Veronica Sankaran PHILLIMORE
Et de his tris fcilicet Gosslaches . Bocheland . aliu Bocheland . tciu Bocheland Herste . . 1 . jugu de ora . I . jugu de Herte. Schildricheha . Macheheue . Ernulfitone. Oflachintone . Piria. alia Piria . Brulege . Ospringes . Hortone . ht rex . has forisfacturas . Handfoca. Gribrige . Foristel. And over these land,, namely Goslaches, Buckland, the other Buckland, the third Buckland, Hurst, 1 yoke of Oare, 1 yoke of Harty, Schudricheham, Macknade, Arnolton, Oslachin tone, Perry, the other Perry, Throwley, Ospringe and Horton the King has these penalties: house-breaking, breach of the peace, highway robbery.
IN THERA HVND Godefrid ten de archiepo in SCAPE . dimid folin . Tra . e
In dino . i . car . cu . ii . bord 1111 . ferui . T . R . E . post . ualuit . xxx . fot . Modo: 1111 . lib . tam reddit . c . fol .Osbn filius Letard ten . 1 . jugu
In TEYNHAM Hundred
Godfrey also holds 1/2 sulung in SHEPPEY from the Archbishop. Land for... In lordship 1 plough, with 2 smallholders and 4 slaves.
Value before 1066 and later 30s; now 4; however it pays lOOs.
According to Lisa Tyler in her history of Sheppey, the Archbishop claimed dues of 7d and that Osbert Paisfoire held 1 and 1/2 yokes.
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